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Sunday School Ministry

Part of the Great Commission is to disciple and train those that have become Christians. One of the greatest tools we have to accomplish this objective is the Sunday School Ministry. This ministry is made available to all ages groups from 3years old through adult.

Our Sunday School Classes are as follows:

Preschool(Ages 3-Kindergarten)


1st-3rd Grade Girls

1st-3rd Grade Boys

4th-6th Grade Girls

4th-6th Grade Girls

Teen Class (Grades 7-12)

Word of Life Bible Class (This class is geared towards adults who are new to our church or to the faith.)

Adult Class (This class is geared towards all adults. They focus on more in-depth studies of the Bible.)

Young Married Couples Class (This class is for young married couples. The focus of this class is to teach Biblical principles regarding marriage, the home, rearing children, and personal finances.)

Having different groups allows us to teach God’s Word in such a way as to benefit the youngest to the oldest attendee.

Teen Sunday School Teachers

K-5 PeeWee Class

Teen Church

Pre-school Class

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