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Signal 63

While serving the Lord here at Grace Baptist Church, Associate Pastor Bill Graham became burdened for his brothers and sisters of the law enforcement community here and abroad. As a former police officer, Bill Graham knew that risks involved with putting on a badge. He was especially burdened about reaching them with the Gospel before it was eternally too late. Then God provided a way. Police officers all over the United States are issued bullet proof vests as part of their uniforms. After several years, all vests must be turned in for new ones, regardless of their condition. These vests are placed in storage, never to be used again or they are destroyed by being shredded. While in the Philippines talking with a police commander, Pastor Graham learned that the Filipino police officers are never issued bullet-proof vests due to cost restraints. He then came up with the thought that maybe he could help solve the problem by getting the used vests from American police departments and donating them to the police officers in the Philippines and around the world. Since 2009 Signal 63 has donated over 600 vests to police officers from the Philippines, Madagascar, and Israel. We have received three reports that our vests have saved the lives of 3 police officers. During the donations of these vests, Pastor Graham has been able to preach the Gospel and has seen 600 police officers accept Christ as their Saviour. This ministry also opens a door for local missionaries to get to know the local police. It also helps to create a working relationship between the missionaries and the police.

Stateside, Signal 63 ministries has a slightly different focus. Bro. Graham travels to different churches hosting Law Enforcement Appreciation Days. Bro. Graham was saved as a direct result of attending a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. He works with local churches to help them reach other police officers such as himself. Bro. Graham also offers Safety Team Training to churches who are interested in starting a Safety Team.

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